"Kernel - 2014"

2014 10 15 to 2014 11 01

LDS St. John Street Gallery in 2014. 15 October. 17 hours. Young opened liedinimo bronze sculptors symposium exhibition cone - 2014 ".

It has been five years as Gallery invites you to participate in symposiums bronze liedinimo young sculptor to 35 years of age. In Symposium on "cone" allows young sculptors present themselves freely, neįspraustiems to specific thematic requirements. However, the requirements are. The work shall be: interesting, professionally fulfill bronze, high artistic level, the authors reveal the creative potential. It is no secret that young artists are very actively involved in various projects abroad. There easier than Lithuania finds creative display space. Thus, in this project we want the next generation of young artists to create the most facilitated present themselves here - Lithuania. Furthermore, we want the young people are very complicated and not spare a lot of work, professionalism and demanding materials - bronze.

2014 contest were selected five sculptors. Since this project is to age requirement, there is the annual symposia are involved in other authors and others. Already participated in the exhibition near Kestutis Dovydaitis and Martin Gaubo sculptural works will see Simon Dūdos, Augustine Kluodos Gediminas Endriekaus nuliedintas bronze. To objectively present authors as every year near simpoziuminių young sculptors exhibiting works even after several recent years developed a small plastic works.

This year's symposium was the purpose of the project to include at least one girl. Unfortunately the author found, but the implementation was postponed till the other works - for the year 2015. We hope that next year the exhibition will not only masculine.