''Origami sculpture in the area "

Sculptor Kestutis Dovydaitis Exhibition
''Origami sculpture in the area "

Kestutis Dovydaitis - is a sculptor creating metal and stone sculptures. In his work using different materials and shades combinations. Highlighting and novel ideas , it creates a deeper space, the viewer 's imagination and interpretation . Basically a sculptor working in traditional sculpture trend and thus to reveal the philosophical art of monumentality and instantaneousness threads of human life.
By working with metal, to emphasize the idea of ​​lightness and not accidentally choose origami - paper folding plastic sculpture. The conceptual level, this is another allusion to the idea of ​​growth : how the mind or on paper sketch artwork gracing the town is born .
Sculptor cares about his native city cultural space , folks. He wants to contribute to the prosperity and growth of the city , offers a convivial environment to decorate and playful . After all, one good deed begets another, one bestowed a smile can lead to hundreds.
It is in such good moods, and is characterized by Kestutis Dovydaitis work , thinking about the sculptures and scale urban public spaces, this exhibition reveals the artist and the audience share a long and complex process of sculpture biases . The exhibition is grown like a sculpture .
And by growing the culture - and we grow ourselves.

Artist Richard Milukas

Photographer Darius Pavalkis