June 5 minutes to Kudirkos Naumiestis ongoing plein-air Šviesa- true again sugužėjo artists. Among their creators and Kaunas. Fork in the area this creative artists gathering is being held for the fifth year. This year it will implement creative ideas Roman Averincevas, Kestutis Dovydaitis, Vilius Hare, Mars Maziliauskas, Irena Mikuličiūtė (Mika), Mindaugas Pauliukas, Paul Sory.

Plein-air concept is freedom from funders and clients, any strong ideological commitments. It is influenced by local and uniqueness, and V.Kudirkos anthem written the words "And the light and truth of our footsteps."

Curator of the event: Mindaugas Pauliukas

Plein Air will continue until June 12th. Its time to create works will be exhibited in various places in Lithuania. Getting already June 9 to 16 hours from minutes. them to see the užsukusieji Kudirkos Naumiestis art school. Later works of the artists scheduled to deliver Fork Cultural Centre Justin Vienožinskis Kaunas Faculty of Arts (Kaunas Chamber), Kaunas Irena Mikuličiūtė gallery Birštono public library. Exhibition dates will be announced later.